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Learn about Instituto Muda Brasil's initiatives in partnership with Foco in the fight against covid-19, participate and help protect São Paulo!



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Our purpose:

Our purpose is in our name: we want to transform our Nation. And in the current scenario, with COVID 19, the greatest urgency is in the health and safety of everyone in the first place. Second, the most effective way found so far to prevent contagion by the virus is social distance, which has generated a major economic crisis in the country and in the world.

In view of this, we are creating bridges between the need of people and professionals without work in this period of paralysis of the economy, supporting micro-entrepreneurs and generating income for the unassisted population.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Know the actions:

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400 seamstresses


400 seamstresses have been hired by the Muda Brasil Institute since the beginning of the quarantine to manufacture masks for the population. This means jobs and income generation;


Social workers and psychologists hired

Social workers and psychologists have also been activated to assist the quarantined population in areas of social vulnerability in our beloved big city.


Masks for Paraisópolis

We are making official SPFC masks, for every 4 masks sold, 1 will be donated to Paraisópolis communities. The project is a partnership with Clube Paulistano.


Distribution of basic food baskets

In addition to masks, we also donated basic food baskets to the needy population, month by month. Prioritizing families that are already served by the Muda Brasil Institute, among others.


50 thousand masks


With the support of friends and partners, the Instituto Muda Brasil has already distributed more than 50 thousand masks to needy communities throughout the city of São Paulo; since the crisis started.


Sustainability for the Muda Brasil Institute

Thanks to your support, Instituto Muda Brasil has kept its work active!

And it continues to provide assistance and support to needy people every day through its projects;

Our thanks to all the partners of the Instituto Muda Brasil, especially to those who have given us all the necessary support in this fight!

Very high quality masks

  • both the mask and the lining are 100% cotton

  • super comfortable and highly durable

  • cotton from farms that do not use insecticides

  • pre-washed lining without dyeing dye

By purchasing masks from Instituto Muda Brasil, in addition to doing your part to protect society from COVID 19, you also allow us to continue the work that we have done with children and young people from underprivileged communities.

You can continue to help Instituto Muda Brasil with its mission and make a difference in the lives of hundreds of families and businesses benefited by this project. Buy, donate, spread love and protect São Paulo, fill the form below and we will contact you!


Protect São Paulo:

Se você deseja adquirir máscaras preencha o formulário abaixo:

Thank you for your help! We will get in touch soon!

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