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Our goal is to consolidate the Jovem Aprendiz program, adding the stage of counseling to young people through a mentoring process and training a group of volunteers to conduct meetings with young apprentices.


  • Customization: training of young people adapted to the priorities and content defined by the participating company.

  • Mentoring: accompaniment of young people by qualified professionals to support them in planning their careers and adapting to the corporate context.

  • Social impact: in addition to contributing to the development and inclusion of young people, all the profit obtained with the Young Apprentice Program is applied in social actions of the Instituto Muda Brasil.


  • Start: Who are we?

  • Knowing the company

  • Vocation and career

  • Competence and reputation

  • Ethics and diversity

  • Reaching goals

  • Dealing with my finances

  • Arrival: closing and evaluation

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