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1. What is voluntary work?

Voluntary work is the provision of non-remunerative services.
Where the service provider undertakes to spend its time, knowledge and effort in order to assist the organization in achieving its expected objectives

We are a family owned and operated business.

2. Within the Muda Brasil Institute, in which areas does the volunteer work?

Today the Muda Brasil Institute has about 50 volunteers who use their knowledge in different parts of the institution, such as fundraising, project development, promotion and sale of social businesses, infrastructure, administration, among others. We have corporate volunteering, which supports us with improvements not only for the organization, but for the entire community we serve and also individual volunteers, who have been recruiting help since the beginning of our Project.

3. What is the importance of voluntary work for the Institute?

Volunteers are extremely important for the sustainability of the work we do. We are always open to anyone who wants to help us and who, like us, believes in the social transformation of the country.

We are a family owned and operated business.

4. I am interested in applying for voluntary work. How to proceed?

Check below if there is a vacancy you need to fit in, fill out the form and come and be part of the change we want for Brazil!

Quais das vagas abaixo lhe interessam? (podendo ser mais de uma)
Qual sua disponibilidade de horário? (dias e horas)

Obrigado por enviar! Em breve entraremos em contato com você. 

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